Newborn Sessions with Atkins Photography!


Congrats on your new addition!

Newborn sessions generally last 2 hours.  The best time to photograph newborns is preferably before they are 10 days old. Newborn sessions take time and patience and we give your little one time to get comfortable enough to give us some great shots. It is best to book you newborn session before they are born. You can tell us your tentative due date and we can pencil you in on the calendar. We understand that the baby may come early or late, so you can stay in contact with us along your journey and we can adjust scheduling as we need to.


We offer sessions at our studio and Lifestyle session in your home. Lifestyle sessions are more laid back and casual. 


What To Bring:

  • Lots of blankets (they will use the bathroom during your session).
  • Any props/blankets that you may want to use. We have props for your newborn, but feel free to bring anything that you want as well. Etsy is a great (and addictive) place to buy stuff for newborn sessions.
  • A change of clothes for you. You baby will most likely be naked the entire shoot and there is a good chance that they will use the bathroom on you while they are naked. 
  • Enough formula to keep them full.
  • If you want a few pictures with your child please try to avoid wearing white.


Day Of Session:

Your appointment is scheduled for up to 2 hours. Your session will consist of feedings, us shooting and alot of trying to get the baby to sleep. Please arrive at the studio at your scheduled appointment time.  When you get into the studio you will go ahead and strip the baby down and wrap them in a blanket and feed them so their belly will be full. We want your baby to have a full stomach and so they will go to sleep. If you feed them before you arrive and get to the studio and undress them, you take a greater chance that they will wake up and will not go back to sleep.  Once your baby goes to sleep we can position them in various poses.  Newborn photography takes a lot of patience and is essentially a waiting game - we are on your child’s schedule. We try everything we can to get them to relax and go to sleep.  Once they do – we will shoot away!


After the Session:

We will go through all of your images and edit the best of each pose. 

Wait to see your finished product  :-)