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One Hour Session: $200 

Your session will include: 1 Hour session. This typically yields 15-25 Final Edited Images depending on the age of the clients.  This includes travel up to 30 miles & minutes from Creedmoor, the session, editing time, the final edited images available for download and an online viewing gallery where you may purchase professional prints.  


One Hour Session With Prints Included: $275

1 hour session PLUS  you will receive (1) 16x20, (2) 8x10, (3) 5x7, (5) 4x6


Mini Sessions:  (subject to availability)                     


Newborn Session: $275 (add $50 for Friday-Sunday Sessions)

Your session will include: Up to a 2 Hour session.  This includes travel up to 30 miles & minutes from Creedmoor, the session, editing time, the final edited images available for download and an online viewing gallery where you may purchase professional prints.  


Newborn Session With Prints Included: $345

Newborn session PLUS you will receive (1) 16x20 and (10) 4x6


Birthday Parties and Events: Varies - Please contact us for pricing.


DIGITAL DOWNLOADS -  You may only print up to an 8x10. Anything bigger than a 8x10 must be purchased directly from our website.  We are not responsible for the quality of the prints if they are not purchased directly through us.

* For Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions please add $50 to your session price.*

* A $30 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your session date (deposit will be applied to your session fee). If your session is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday a $50 non-refundable deposit is required. You can mail the deposit to P.O. Box 336, Creedmoor, NC 27522 or send via PayPal to AtkinsPhotoNC@gmail.comThe remainder of your session balance is due the day of your session.*

*Travel fees may apply*

* See below for more session information*


Maternity Sessions

1 hour is a good amount of time for these sessions. You can bring along some of the babies ultrasounds, clothes, shoes, stuffed animals or anything else you want to incorporate into the pictures.




Newborn Sessions - $275 Up to 2 Hours

Newborn sessions generally last up 2 hours.  The best time to photograph newborns is preferably before they are 10 days old. Newborn sessions take time and patience and we give your little one time to get comfortable enough to give us some great shots. When you arrive at the studio or on location, we like you to feed your baby so they will be full and ready go to sleep. Then we are on your babies schedule at the shoot :-) We have props for your newborn, but feel free to bring anything that you want as well. Etsy is a great place to buy stuff for newborn sessions.  It is best to book you newborn session before they are born. You can tell us your tentative due date and we can pencil you in on the calendar. We understand that the baby may come early or late, so you can stay in contact with us along your journey and we can adjust scheduling as we need to. There is not a set number of pictures a newborn session yields, it depends on how long your newborn sleeps during the session as to how many shots we can get :-) (Please refer to our Newborn Session Info. page under Investment)




Senior Sessions

This can be a 1 or 2 hour session depending on what location/style you want. You can do some in the studio and then go to a outdoor location or do just on location or studio. We have the standard black drape for girls to wear. You can also bring your cap and gown if you have it. This is a time for your senior to show off their personality and have fun!


Engagement Sessions

If you book a Wedding with us your Engagement Session may be included in the package you choose.

If you just want a Engagement Session without the whole wedding package - we can do that as well.



Please contact us regarding our current wedding packages.


Concept Photography

We also like to shoot concept photography and we are always up for creative ideas for a shoot! We like to play around with different concepts besides the traditional session.

Corporate Photography


Event Photography

We also offer Event Photography as well. Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Proposals, etc.


Session Info

Try to avoid wearing white - bright colors are best. If you want to shoot outdoors, the best time is a hour or so before sunset. We want to avoid shooting in the high sun so you will not be squinting. We have various locations that we use but we are always up to try a new location if you have something in mind. The goal of your shoot is to get great pictures but have fun at the same time!

Once we are done with your session, we will go through the pictures and take the best of each pose, edit and present them to you with an online viewing gallery. The online gallery may be shared with friends and family where you may also purchase prints. Expect a 2-3 week turnaround time for pictures to be edited and an online viewing gallery emailed to you. A one hour session typically yields 15 edited pictures (there may be more or less depending on the age of the client).  With younger children you may not get as many pictures because it depends on how much they cooperate during the session :-) We strive for “Quality over Quantity”. We take the time to get the best shots and not rush our clients.  We hope to work with you and your family!

Tyler & Mandi Atkins

Atkins Photography